Math 11 Pre-University

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Lesson 1: Trig Ratios     
Lesson 2: Special Angles    
Lesson 3: Non- Acute Ratios    
Lesson 4: Ratios 0 to 360 degrees    
Quiz 1: On lesson 1 to 4 Quiz 1 Solutions:  
Lesson 5: Trig Identities   Video Lesson
Lesson 6: Sine Law Lesson: Video Lesson:
Lesson 7: Cose Law
Bearings Problem:
Question 8: Solution
Video Lesson:
Lesson 8: 3- D Trig Problems    
Quiz 2:
NFM Quiz solutions Q1 , Q2
Quiz 2: Solutions:
Unit Test
Unit Test: Monday Nov 21 Outline:

Unit Test Solution

Trig- Retest Conditions

1. Parents need to contact the teacher. Either by note, email or phone call.

2. Unit test needs to be corrected  by  Dec 2nd.

3. Extra assignment has to be completed by Dec 2.

4. The retest will take place at lunch on December  5th and 6th  ONLY.

Retest Solution ---> 

Trig Functions Notes Other Links
Lesson 1: Introduction  
Lesson 2: Sine and Cose Wave properties  
Lesson 3: Transformations  
Lesson 4: y=asin(k(x-c))+d  
Quiz Solution  
Lesson 5: Application  
Review Dec 2:
Assignment and Solution  
Unit Test    Dec 6th    Solution ->  
Exponential Functions Notes     Other Links
Lesson 1: Exploring Growth and Decay Unit Notes Please Print Before Coming to Class
Lesson 2: Working with Integer Exponents  
Lesson 3: Working with Rational Exponents  
Lesson 4: Simplifying Expressions  
Quiz Solution ->
Lesson 5: Exploring Properties  
Lesson 6: Transformations of Exponents  
Unit Test Dec 19th
Review and solutions are located at the end of the unit notes package. Unit Test Solution  --->
Sequences, Series and Finances Notes    Other Links
Lesson 1: Arithmetic Sequences
Unit Notes Please Print Before Coming to Class
Lesson 2: Geometric Sequences  
Lesson 3: Arithmetic Series  
Lesson 4: Geometric Series
Lesson 5: Pascal's Triangle and Binomial Theorem  
 Review    / Quiz key:
 Unit Test   Unit Test is based on the Quiz
Finances Notes Other Links or Comments
Lesson 1: Simple Interest
Unit Notes Please Print Before Coming to Class
Homework  pg 481 questions 1b,2,3,4,6,8,13
Lesson 2: Future Value - Lump Sum
Homework  pg 490 questions 1-4,6,7,9,14,20 in the textbook
Lesson 3: Present Value- Lump Sum Homework:
pg 498 questions 3bcd, 5,8,13,14
Lesson 4: Future Value Annuit Homework:
pg 511 q 1-8 (exclude 5),10
Lesson 5: Present Annuity Homework pg 520 q1,4,8-10,12,1
Review / Quiz key
Unit Test   Unit Test is based on the Quiz
CPT Preperations Link  
CPT is on Friday Jan 20th
3 Questions Open Notes and Textbook
1) Quadratics- Know how to to solve a quadratic formula.
Complete the square and solve a max min problem.
2) Know how to graph and create a sine function and everything about trasmoformations.
3) Everthying about finance.
Final Exam Preperations Link  
Review Assignment and Solution  
Formula Sheet Given on the Exam